The last few weeks of the  EpicTV Climbing Daily YouTube videos have been particularly great on a Wednesday, because there has been a ‘Training with Louis Parkinson’ segment. He covers a bunch of things in his self-taught training routine, all of which are easy to follow for any level of climber. One of the tips that stood out to me was to climb with technique you don’t use strength, and to climb with strength you don’t use technique. I’ve really enjoyed this small series and I feel like I’ve absorbed some good habits. I’ve jotted down a quick summary of the videos so far, but I will link the first video of the series too for your viewing pleasure!

Warming up and warming down are important to prepare your body, and help prevent injury. The warming up period is also the best time to consciously work on your footwork, strength and technique.

Warm up

-Cardio exercise

-Dynamic Stretches

-Easy climbs and traversing

Improve Footwork

-Traverse with silent feet

-Only allow 1 touch on each foothold

-Down climb each climb

Improve Technique

-Keep feet on the walls as much as possible

-Climb with straight, relaxed arms

Improve Strength

-Campus problems

-Don’t match on holds

Warm Down

-Cardio decreasing speed

-Gentle stretches

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