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Since setting up the Etsy Shop with the climbing cards, a few people suggested putting the designs onto t-shirts. I asked a few climbers what they looked for in terms of tops, and most females wanted vests whilst most males just wanted darker colours, so I’ve done both. If you follow me on any of the social media stuff you’re more than likely fed up of seeing them. Sorry if I have flooded you with them, I just get excited!

I’ll leave a link to the shop here, please head over and have a look and let me know what you think. I’m open to constructive criticism or ideas.

Thanks 🙂


RE: Last post ‘New Stuff Soon’

As an avid climber, I find it frustrating that there are hardly any decent climbing related greeting cards in the world, so I’m here to try and fill that niche in the market.

Mostly they’re bad puns from climber friends who have very kindly let me pinch their words and force them into drawings. I hand draw each design before adding colour digitally, printing, trimming down, and mounting by hand. A lot of love goes into each one and I’m hoping they will brighten another climber’s day.

You can find all the current designs for sale here on Etsy

Any feedback or ideas are welcome, just pop it in the comments 😊



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