Well, very nearly! I hope you are all having a nice festive break or on your way to one if you’re still working. Here are few of my favourite climbing related people, websites, blogs and shops I enjoy virtually hanging out at when I’m after a climbing fix or relaxing.

Grab a brandy and mince pie!



Amazing customer service and their website is packed with so much climbing information and I love their ethos: “We believe everyone’s struggle is the same, irrespective of level” #NoBetaNeeded



I’m sure you’ve seen these cartoons already as they are always flying around the climbing community. The truth behind them is what makes them so funny and relatable, and sometimes just the thing you need to get you through the week


Rock Ragswww.rockrags.co.uk

For climbers by climbers. This site houses independent business’ and their clothing, all of which is climbing related and awesome



Beautiful handmade knits and chalk bags that are so cute yet sturdy!


Eric Karlsson Bouldering –  www.youtube.com/user/opuz1337

Great videos that range from techniques to general wall fun, I always feel inspired after watching these


Girl On Rockwww.girlonrock.co

Great blog on all things climbing, a nice way to spend 10 minutes with a cup of coffee


Wishing you a very merry climbing Christmas!