Yesterday was A Girl Who Climbs first blog birthday! A whole year has flown by since I nervously put up my very first post. I’ve learnt and grown so much as both a person and climber in those 365 days, and hopefully that has shown through these weekly ramblings. Now that I think about it, it has been a pretty incredible year with some good achievements.

Thank you for following me along the way, no matter what platform it’s on. It’s just awesome to interact with everyone and to feel like part of the climbing community. Sharing my experiences as I learn is still very much the focus and reason for this blog, along with the hopes that it helps someone out.

So now that the reflective, soppy stuff is out the way, I wanted something to mark the occasion. You may have noticed yesterday that the crimp creature has had a make over to celebrate!

Thanks to Helen Dennett Illustration for this amazingly cute logo. You can check out all of Helen’s illustrations on her website. I’m so psyched with this little guy.


So here’s to another year of blog posts!

Happy climbing πŸ™‚