No one really feels like contorting themselves into a pretzel when you can eat a bunch of real pretzels instead. Add in a constant flow of mulled wine, endless piles of mince pies and the general festive season…it was all a little distracting, and my yoga plans got derailed for December. I did get the odd session done last month, and I can tell you that both these practices are way harder than they look, but oddly still enjoyable.

But now, now it’s back on. Plan Pilates and New Year Yoga are a go! In fact, as I write this now, I have just finished a 30min yoga session. I thought I would write down my thoughts straight after, for some real time feelings:


 I feel like I can see in colour again, especially after what felt like a very long day at work. Despite working the poses on achy muscles, I feel much better physically and less ‘smushed’ up. My brain has stopped whizzing around in the dark and foggy end of the thought pool. Overall I feel awake and pretty darn good!


I followed the YouTube video linked below, which I found newbie friendly.