Remember back in school when it was coming up to Christmas, and all of your lessons would consist of playing games or watching a film because the teachers were winding down for the year? Well, what better way to re-live some nostalgia than by throwing in some bouldering! I’m getting my last pre-Christmas climb in at the gym, and I intended to turn up in my gingerbread leggings and play some climbing games…

-Take a Hold Out 

Not literally, although if the gym owners are cool with that then go for it! Find a problem you can climb comfortably, and then eliminate a hold so it can’t be used to complete the climb. This is fun to play with a couple of friends, because if they’re anything like mine, they’ll purposely take out holds you wouldn’t!

-Add a Hold In

Again not literally, unless it’s okay. Make up your own problems by sticking to certain colours, or by selecting a starting point and taking turns to add a move onto the sequence. Repeat until your arms fall off from forearm pump.

-Wall Twister

This is easiest on a roof. Climb up to agreed starting holds and then try to touch as many holds as you can with your feet. Don’t dislocate your shoulders though…that could ruin Christmas

-Traverse Train

Choo choo! Traverse the walls whilst holding hands with someone, this is harder than it sounds!

 Don’t take it too seriously, it’s not Monopoly after all, and have some fun on the wall.

 Merry Christmas!